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    2. Free consultation hotline:4001260006 / CN
      Four courses offered
      Ensuring the foundation is the advantage of Chinese education, Developing individuality is the essence of Western education. Integrating the advantages and essence of Chinese and Western education and Providing high-quality elite education services for middle and high elite families is Mon’s purpose.


      Fifteen-year Boarding International School
      Mon Academy is a 15-year international boarding and digitalized school, co-established by Lilac Education Group, Handan Guangpin County Government, British Council, America Columbia Education Center, Canada Fullbright Intetnational School, Singapore NAFA and other government organizations.
      • 700


        Covering an area of 700 Mu

      • 2

        Billion dollars

        Two Billion dollars

      • 3000


        3000 standard degrees

      Mon characteristics
      Provide high-quality elite education service for middle and high elite families, cultivate a group of outstanding international elite talents for the society, practice the internationalization of education, and make contributions to the progress and development of the country and nation.
      Mon News
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      Address: 001 Yunxi Avenue, Yunxi Valley International Cultural Tourism Resort, Handan City, Hebei Province
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